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2016 February - Loco Working Party update

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Work completed over 20th and 21st February Since the last working weekend, the boiler inspector has been to see Locos 4 and 6 in a stripped down condition, which meant this weekend our main job was to put them both back together so the inspector can see them both in steam.

No 4 Edward Thomas Refitted boiler plugs and mudholes Carried out a hydraulic pressure test of the boiler using water Fitted ashpan, then brake cross-shaft and pony truck wishbone Refitted steam pressure gauge Fitted firebars Lit a ‘warming fire’ on Sunday afternoon using wood.

No 6 Douglas Fitted boiler plugs Fitted ashpan and firebars Re-assembled safety valves Fitted pressure gauge Painted inside the coal bunker in gloss black No 7 Tom Rolt Degreased the frames on both sides, access was improved as the motion has been partially stripped down Cleaned up the removed motion using degreaser and a scouring pad Lit up the engine on both days, to test the new safety valves Thanks as always to the gang for all their hard work.

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