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Normal Service Resumed – 3 April 2008

AGM Day - Playing with the Trains – 5 April 2008

Spring Outdoor Week 2008 - Abergynolwyn Slide – 8 April 2008

Spring Outdoor Week 2008 - Wharf Projects – 8 April 2008

Spring Outdoor Week 2008 - Dolgoch Tamping – 11 April 2008

Spring Outdoor Week - Cynfal – 11 April 2008

Open day - First Chance to see the Moseley Collection in ten years!! – 17 April 2008

Simplexes at Work – 22 April 2008


The miniature railway in Barking Park has languished, unused for over three years now, but thanks to the revitalisation of the Park it has been decided to re-open the railway. The original gauge of 9.5” is being replaced by a 7.25” gauge railway. The locomotive, ‘LITTLE NAN’ is in store and it is hoped that it will be overhauled and re-gauged to run again. It is planned to open the railway the second week of July and run every weekend until August. More news will follow as the railway progresses.

Posted by Ray Armstead on 24 April 2008

RLSR Mini Gala

On the 18th may, The Rudyard Lake Steam Railway is holding a mini gala (minus a visiting engine) for the heywood group who are visiting.
This isn’t a main event in the 2008 season, but pupil trains will be running as normal, with a two train service.
Five steam locomotives should be in service so it will be worth coming down for a visit

Posted by Adam Jeffrey on 28 April 2008

Tracksiders 2008 – 30 April 2008

A remarkable survivor – 30 April 2008

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