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New arrival from Australia

Ten days ago, I received a phone call asking if I would go to Southampton Docks and pick up a 2ft gauge steam loco which had just arrived from Australia. I went down on Thursday to find a very large container housing a very small engine. Built in 2001 by Tingle and Watson, it’s a little Porter replica and carries Porter plates as well as the Aussie maker’s plates. A Briggs boiler provides steam at 100psi to two very small (3 or 4”) cylinders.Weight is no more than 1.9 tonnes.

I took the loco back to my works in Buxton, where it’s being stored for its owner until its future is decided. Today, Saturday, it was checked over, lit up and run around the works yard, managing to pull a diesel and flat wagon, providing the pressure was well up! Photos to follow when I’ve had time to dry out and clean up!!

Posted by Ted McAvoy on 19 August 2006

Moseley Railway Trust recieve planning consent for the Apedale developments

You will be pleased to know that the planning application by Moseley Railway Trust to construct a tourist railway from the Apedale Heritage Centre along the Apedale Valley as far as Miry Pools, a distance of just over a mile, was approved by the planning committee of Newcastle Borough Council by a large majority on Wednesday 30th August 2006. A second part of the application is the construction of a loco storage building (& outline permission for the main Museum building)to house the remainder of the collection currently in store at Buxworth in Derbyshire. The final part of the planning application was for the change of use of the existing mines buildings to uses more appropriate to the Trust’s development of the site. All have been approved, subject to some minor additional information eg details of construction of water towers at Silverdale Station & making assessment of the impact on Wildlife, particularly Great Crested Newts before we start on Phase 3 – the last section of railway up to Miry Pools, however none of these conditions are onerous.

All of the issues raised by the councillors at the committee meeting had been thoroughly addressed by the Moseley board of Trustees in the application document itself, so the recommendation was very firmly in favour of this important tourist development in the Newcastle borough of Staffordshire.

Best regards

Phil Robinson
Moseley Railway Trust

(Copied & edited from the Moseley Railway Trust’s Yahoo Group)

Posted by Gareth Roberts on 31 August 2006

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