Website terms of membership

I'll keep these terms short and sweet.

The website exists to archive and discuss narrow gauge railways and related topics (industries, historical figures etc). Narrow gauge is defined as anything less than 4' 8½".

By using the site you agree to add content related to these topics only.

For material added to the site, you or whoever you credit retains copyright. You warrant that you have the copyright or permission to add all materials you add to the site.

Additionally, you grant me a perpetual non-exclusive royalty free license to distribute copies of that material. Without that permission, I can't display whatever you add to any website visitors, which would make the site pointless.

Editorial control

I will correct spelling mistakes and suchlike when I see them.

If you upload content that's off-topic or inappropriate, I will remove it. Social history is welcome as well as railway photos, to make this a good reference site. But please make sure it's linked to a railway. For example, uploding 300 photos of canal boats isn't appropriate. If you're unsure, talk to me first. I'll consider everything on a case-by-case basis.

Understandably, if I need to report content to law enforcement I will. In 20 years of running this site I haven't needed to. Let's keep it that way.

Eventually other members will be able to enhance materials added to this site: for example by suggesting a new categorisation for a photo, adding extra info and so on. The site exists to be a treasure trove of information, and this helps collect more details.

In summary

  • Stay on topic
  • Respect copyright
  • Be nice to each other and give people the benefit of the doubt

Version 1.0, December 2020