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Sandstone’s International Harvester collection.

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Many years ago a wonderful retired farmer Jannie du Toit from the Western Cape gifted his collection to the Sandstone Heritage Trust.  Sandstone already had a reasonable cross section of International Harvester products and so we decided to consolidate all International Harvester products into one facility.  A special building was designated for the purpose and today it houses a wide variety of International Harvester products.  These include tractors going back as far as the Mogul, the first tractor produced by International Harvester.  The tractor range is considerable and is representative of probably 90% of the tractor types made by this company.  It is complimented by a wide variety of implements including balers, reapers, mowers, etc., in additional we have an International Harvester service truck which came from a genuine International Harvester dealer in Natal.  We compliment this with a  grader.  All in all it does provide a very excellent representation of the products supplied by this wonderful company.

The International Harvester Company (often abbreviated by IHC or IH, or shortened to International) was an American manufacturer of agricultural equipment, automobiles, commercial trucks, lawn and garden products, household equipment, and more.

The International Harvester legacy non-profits host some of the largest agriculture related events in the United States.

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