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The Dennis Fire Pump Trailer.

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The details of the pump were provided by Laurence Spring at the Surrey Heritage Centre in the UK who hold all the records of Dennis who were based in Guildford in Surrey in the UK.

After the war most brigades had one or two, many were sold for industrial use and many were exported abroad.The Chassis Book, reference 1463/CB/4, gives the following details; Chassis no.                                       TP 2139 Engine no.                                        141871 Customer                                         Home Office, Peckham Order no.                                          972 Date left works                                27 Sep 1939  The Works Production Order, 1463/WPO/TP/5/972, states that the customer was Messrs Evan Cook Ltd, 134 Queen’s Road, Peckham, [London] SE and was ‘for dockyards at Cape Yserplaats’.

The misspelling of Ysterplaat is interesting as that was military airbase in Cape Town next to current Cape Town International Airport.

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