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  SHEEP:- We realised that just a little over a year ago that Sandstone is an excellent farm for sheep.  Grazing sheep is complementary to our cattle operations.  Sheep are also an excellent tool for the farmer who wants to control weeds in lands that are lying fallow.  The farm is capable of carrying some thousands of sheep but we started small and we are building up the numbers rapidly.  Just before this web update we recorded three lots of twins in one night.  Long may that continue.

  MAIZE:- We have a substantial maize crop which has been blessed with very good weather in fact ideal weather for maize growing purposes.  The crop is far advanced, nearly fully formed and beginning to harden.  Our rains came very late last year and we were only able to plant in the early part of December.  In truth we should have planted more because although there is a theoretical cut-off date for maize planting the seasons have definitely moved and we probably had more time than we realised.  However we are well pleased with the crop that we have.  HAY BALING:- The most dynamic operation on the farm at the moment is the baling of Lucerne, eragrostis and eragrostis hay for sale to Lesotho.  Many farmers in Lesotho are reliant on us for over winter feed and we are well on our way to achieving our target of 5000 bales of hay.  This is kept in under cover storage and is sold to Lesotho farmers from late April through until October/November.  Obviously this is providing stocks last.  We are also unique in that we bale maize residue in very large volumes which is an excellent over winter cattle feed.  That will take place in approximately July when the current maize crop is harvested.  For those who understand that we are also a heritage site, have a look at the 1935 Ford V8 in the lands working hard at 85 years old.

  HERITAGE 1935 FORD:- Sandstone is unique in the sense that its heritage operations are closely interwoven with our agricultural enterprise.  Wherever possible we use ancient machines to accomplish tasks that modern machines do not do very much better.  Our 1935 Ford V8 is an excellent and rugged farm run about which saves the farm purchasing a new vehicle to do the same job.

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