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Carriage Project Part I - Calculations & Concepts

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2 + 1 seating would negate the need for squeezing along the narrow gap in front of a bench seat already occupied with adults, kids, bags etc.End windows, which you might have picked up from the images, were originally just added to the disabled access end of the proposed NBHC type carriages.

After many months of work, the Emerald Tourist Railway Board approved the detailed design, costing and manufacture of 12 new passenger carriages, 8 to be of the NBH type, and 4 to be of the NBHC type, all mounted on a standardised, light-weight 9 metre underframe and newly manufactured ‘Fox’ type bogies.

General Arrangement – NBH Class Carriage Floor Plan – NBH Class Carriage General Arrangement – NBHC Class Carriage Floor Plan – NBHC Class Carriage Part II – Coming Soon!

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