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DRGW Flatcar 6206 Enters Passenger Service

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A quick summary of flatcar 6206 at the MCRR: For details about the refurbishing of 6206 and 6216, see: WWW.MCRR.ORG (page down a few times to the “Flat Car Restoration Project” section) 2008-01-12 Flatcar project shopblog2008-02-02 Flatcar project shopblog2008-02-12 Flatcar project shopblog2008-02-25 Flatcar project shopblog2008-03-08 Flatcar project shopblog2008-03-22 Flatcar project shopblog2008-05-05 Flatcar project shopblog2008-05-23 Flatcar project shopblog2008-07-23 Flatcar project shopblog ⧫ A large portion of the conversion project’s lumber was cut at Nelson S’s sawmill in March.

Pleasant, and loaded onto the flatcar.

Apparently, the slow drying paint was the only serious problem for the entire project.

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