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Quiz - part 1 answers and Round Two

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2 D8188 on Severn Valley Railway, but currently at Washwood Heath.3 A View to a Kill, filmed at Chalk Pits Museum Amberley – doing a very poor impersonation of Southern California.4 The Deadly Assassin, Tom Baker5 Silver Streak6 Washington Union Terminal, the loco Pennsylvania Railroad GG1 4876 which ended up in the basement of the station.7 Von Ryan’s Express8 Brief Encounter9 The taking of Pelham 123 – so the answer is Pelham Bay Station.

Which loco, which gala, where is home railway?5:- Built with a Mclaren engine, now a Dorman – which Apedale loco?6:- Goldfish shoals, nibbling at my toes.

Which locos?14:- Where is the Baltic Juice Terminal?15:- Which railway did “Stanhope” visit in September and October 2014?16:- Listermania 2015 – how many locos on a passenger train?17:- The only ex-Standard Gauge vehicle in the collection?18:- This Apedale loco has been regauged twice – which loco?19:- How many Baguley Drewry locos of the same type as AVLR No.90 have there been?20:- Where did Ruston 193974 and Hibberd 2306 meet prior to both being at Apedale?

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