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2015 November 7/8 - Start of Working Party Season

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Much of the stripping work on No 2 had taken place the previous weekend which gave the working party team a head start.  Tasks completed included: removing boiler plugs, mudhole doors and fusible plugs to clean up and inspect for damage draining boilers and rinsing them out – this gets rid of the scale build up removing firebars and ashpans washing and wirebrushing fireboxes cleaning out the coal bunkers and preparing for painting removing safety valves, pressure gauges and gauge glasses giving No 1’s motion a really good clean removing blastpipes and blower rings from the smokeboxes, followed by giving the chimney and smokebox a good clean Out in the yard, a small gang continued on extending the back road track.  Down in the West Shed, a gang of two worked on air brake maintenance.

They were putting in new triple valves.

Initial trials of the new triple valves seem to be positive.

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