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2015 August 29th - 31st 'Heart of Gold' Weekend

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Special trains included the Illuminated Train and the railway’s Traffic and Operating Committee 50th Anniversary Special. Travellers were treated to a spectacular sunset followed by a ride through the fairy-lit Dolgoch Woods.  The bar was open at Abergynolwyn and we even had DJ Nick travelling about playing a selection of railway and night themed songs, suggested by loads of people via our Facebook and Twitter sites.

Extra trains included the ‘Re-enactment Decorated Coronation Train’ and the ‘Dolgoch and Abergynolwyn Only’ special.

Monday 31st August  Special trains today included the ‘Dolgoch Slip Train’ (recreating an engineering train run to repair a landslip near Dolgoch) and the ‘No.7 Special’ – No 7 Tom Rolt with carriage 17, Van 7 and engineer’s Van 70.

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