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2014 - November Loco Working Party

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8th and 9th November The first loco working party of the winter saw plenty of work taking place by a reasonably sized gang.

Loco No 1 De-coked chimney Removed final plugs and re-washed out boiler Cleaned up blast pipe and blower ring assembly Loco No 2 Removed firebars and dropped ashpan Removed boiler plugs, mudholes and fusible plugs Washed out boiler Wire brushed firebox Stripped gauge glasses and removed pressure gauge Dismantled and lapped safety valves Removed leaking whistle Emptied and cleaned out bunker Removed blast pipe and blower ring De-coked chimney Wire brushed smokebox Loco No 7 Removed air pump, replaced with a different one, lit up and tested Thanks to everyone who helped out.

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