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Crowle and Thorne Moors Peat Railway Society

Crowle and Thorne Moors Peat Railway Society

An open meeting of the society will be held at Ealand Victory Hall on Monday 13th May at 7:30.

Crowle & Thorne Moors Peat Railway Society is being formed with the intention of developing a railway on Crowle & Thorne Moors that will permit greater access for all. The initial intention is to restore a Simplex loco that used to work on the moors.

Even if you are not able to make it to the meeting you can register your interest on the society website ( so that the society can update you with its progress.

The loco and the moors themselves are the property of Natural England with whom the society is currently in initial discussions. It is hoped that agreement can be made for both the restoration of the loco and longer-term development work.

Success will be dependent on having an active membership able to provide practical support, and the challenges to the project should not be underestimated – though it is believed that the society’s initial aims should be achievable within a few years.

For further information visit our website ( , email [email protected] or phone Mel Bailey on 01724 710504.

The photograph shows Paul Vernum on the Simplex Loco that the society hopes to restore to full working order.

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