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A Sneaky Peek

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As you know, at the start of the year the Apedale Apprentices set themselves the challenge of rebuilding a little 10/13 Ruston locomotive within 50 weeks, which was the birth of the project called “Pluto”.

And if you find that a bit icky, I assure you it’;s nothing compared with the time we discovered that the reason our favourite teapot never poured terribly well was because the spout was blocked with dead flies.  Anyway, I’m drifting off the subject; the point is with all this glamorous work being carried out by the apprentices, after they’d gone, we decided to have a go at refitting some of Pluto’s body parts to see what needed fixing and how the exhausts would go, etc.

In the meantime, don’t let the apprentices know you’ve seen this.

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