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News from WHHR

On Easter Sunday the Welsh Highland Heritage Railway carried the highest daily total of passengers ever, breaking the previous record by about 75. Part of this may have been due to the three ‘bunny girls’ hiding easter eggs around the museum for children to find! Passenger figures have been good throughout the Easter holiday but remains to be seen how the total compares with previous years.
Other news: the flagship Hunslet loco Russell is due to depart for Alan Keef for the restoration to be completed. Work has stopped on the loco since the person doing it moved away to take up another job and the intention is to have Russell back in operation by next year. Also on the loco front, the new boiler for ‘590’ (Baldwin 794) has been completed and will soon be moved to Gelerts Farm to go on display with the rolling chassis. Further work on this loco will take place once funding has been raised.

Posted by Andy C on 16 April 2012

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