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Wharf _ Pendre Cutting Update Christmas 2011 to New Year 2012

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Work has continued on the Wharf – Pendre Track Renewal project between Christmas and New Year with the work now focusing on the installation of a new drainage system for the length of the cutting and in part of Pendre Yard.  Over the period from 28th Decmber to 2 January some 72 meters of 150mm diameter perforated pipe was installed.  The pipework is surrounded by free draining gravel and a geomembrane which it is hoped will prevent silting of the pipework.  Over the period some 48 man days were worked with a maximum of 12 volunteers working on the 30th December.  Land drains were also installed adjacent to the South Abutment of School Bridge as standing water has been observed in the area following the track renewal work.

Unfortunately the weather was poor with rain falling most days makings conditions very difficult for working in.

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