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Dabhoi Railway Heritage Park

Dabhoi is one of the important NG junctions in India. NG from Dabhoi (Western Railway: Gujarat) was started way back in 1862 and has still two branches running from it. Oldest running section is Dabhoi-Miagam (started in 1862, re laid in 1873 with 30 lbs rails,2 feet 6 inches gauge), where at present 5 pair of trains are running with 7 coaches and the other one is Dabhoi-Chandode where two pair of trains are running. . To commemorate and foster memory of those yesteryears and as a tribute to almost 150 years old continuously running NG section, a heritage park has been created at Dabhoi. It is located next to Dabhoi-Miagam line where for almost 150 years, NG trains are chugging along, whistling merrily.
This park has 15 panels which display majesty of Gaikwads who were pioneer in NG and Native State Railways, old grandeur of Dabhoi, newspaper coverage in a London Paper showing bullocks hauling a train, letters exchanged between Resident and British Government, Plans and sketches and many many things. It also displays some original documents in a room which is part of Heritage Park. Documents include contract entered by Gaikwad for construction of NG, Operation and maintenance agreements entered with BB&CI and some important letters.
For enthusiasts of economic history it is a rare treat as it gives a lot of details about earning, expenditure and financial performance of Dabhoi lines. It shows that how from very first year it was generating surplus and how in a very short period it was able to pay the interest on capital also. For those who enjoy nostalgia of old train trips it gives time table of BB&CI and Gaikwad railway as old as of 19th Century.


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