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Working Against the Elements

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We’ve had to deal with swamps, burst pipes, reluctant diesel engines, show tunes and broken rails. But the hardy Moseley Membership has eagerly turned out in force to progress the railway building. We’ve drained the Bermuda Triangle (easier than catching all the Alligators), drilled hundreds of sleepers, cut and bent rail, rebuilt points, unseized point levers and even joggled the odd fishplate. But Saturday finally saw the last piece of the run-round loop put in place, hence completing the railway (except of course for the ballasting, tamping, the odd point lever and point lock, etc.).

You can see the historic first engine to run-round its train at Apedale Rd here.  Meanwhile the Station construction continues and most of the brickwork is now complete, with work due to start on the roof.

  Source: Moseley Railway Trust – Latest News

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