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Enjoy an Indian Cornwall!

August sees a touch of India coming to Cornwall, with the visit to the Launceston Steam Railway of Darjeeling Himalayan Railway locomotive no. 19.

No. 19 was built by Sharp Stewart & Co. in 1889, and spent her working life on the famous Darjeeling Himalayan Railway in India, before being exported for preservation at an American museum in the 1960s. She was imported to England, from America, in 2002 by her current owner, Adrian Shooter, Managing Director of Chiltern Railways, and is normally based on his private Beeches Light Railway.

Her visit to Launceston provides the rare opportunity for the public to ride behind a genuine Darjeeling Himalayan Railway locomotive outside India.

More information on her visit, as well as Times and Fares, can be found on the Launceston Steam Railway website

Posted by Charles O\'Mahoney on 7 July 2009

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