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This is the point at which the “individual detachability” loses its appeal, as there are approximately 70 tubes (and 140 little rubber seals) in a standard radiator.

All the tubes need to be removed, the seals prised out and the top and bottom tanks thoroughly cleaned and de-rusted to give the new seals a good chance of fitting and working.

Years of bitter experience of this process with the Moseley fleet of Simplex locos has resulted in the following best practice hints and tips: - Use soap solution (e.g. strong mix of washing up liquid) to ease the fitting of tubes into the seals.- Rubber does not respond well to blows from a hammer.- It is worth putting the effort in to ensure tube ends are cleaned up thoroughly, to avoid having to go through the process all over again.- Use of an official Simplex tool (illustrated) avoids the complete loss of skin on your knuckles through contact with the sharp vanes on the tubes.

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