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WHR's Arthurian Connection

The railway seems to have acquired its own King Arthur-style legend…… involving a spirit level! At the start of this year, John Holmes (Engineering Manager) decided that his spirit level was so inaccurate, it was time to get rid of it, so he put it in the skip. Mysteriously, the spirit level reappeared in the tool van. John Holmes tried a second time…… and a third. Each time, some well-intentioned person would rescue it from the skip and return it.

By August, John was so frustrated, he embedded it in the concrete foundations for the fence along Cae Hir (the strip of land we own on the opposite side of the Cambrian.) Had he found a way to get rid of it once and for all? Maybe not, because there’s been a steady stream of people trying to pull it out in the last few months…… The spirit level has been named “Excalibur”, so maybe the one who can remove it from the concrete will get to become Chairman?

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