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Tramline Centenary

Waitakere Tramline society in Auckland, NZ are holding their 100th year Celebrations frm October 12th to the 24th.The line was built originally to transport materials and labour for constructing a reservoir to supply the rapidly expanding poulation of Auckland.A narrow gauge line was laid from Swanson railway station four miles to the dam site, for horse drawn transport. A steam driven rock crusher plant was built at the entrance to a 2000 foot tunnel mined through the rock, and eventually adam and pipeline constructed. The workers had several camps along the line, some living in canvas tents. The line operates today as a non profit society, crewed purely by volunteers. It runs public fare paying return trips on Sundays along the present 2.4 km track which at times hugs a bush clad valley that overlooks the dam.Why not pay us a visit when in Auckland or join us in October.Bookings are cheap, and 09 836 0900 evenings NZT.Or visit

Posted by Jim Eyre on 2 August 2005

First exhibition in new education room – 4 August 2005

Extension Track Deal – 5 August 2005

Extra Steam Surprise! – 5 August 2005

Wicksteed Steam Weekend

Dont forget, This coming weekend is the first ever steam Gala at Wicksteed Park in Kettering. The ever Popular Peter Pan will be there along with a number of steam exhibits. All the Lines Locomitive fleet will be on display. Lady and Arthur have recently undergone a minor repaint to freshen them up for the event. for more information call George O’Learly or David Nelson on 01536 512475 daytime, or David Nelson on 01536 761540 in the eveings.

Posted by David Nelson on 7 August 2005

Peter Pan makes history at Wicksteed Park

Peter Pan became the first ever steam Locomotive to run on the Wicksteed Park Railway Last Weekend. The event, the first of its kind at the park, was a great succsess. only bad weather on saterday dampened spirits. nearly 3000 passengers where carried over the two days, a good figure considering the weather. the park plans to expand on this years succsess with a bigger event next year. more details and pictures to follow.

Posted by David Nelson on 14 August 2005

Summer in Tywyn – 23 August 2005

Silver Jubilee Gala - Pictures Now Online! – 25 August 2005

Jack the Station Cat is back! – 25 August 2005

Tattoo Locomotive (No. 7) - First Official Passenger Service – 23 August 2005

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