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Pinzgaubahn Collision

On Saturday July 2nd, there was a head on collision on the Pinzgaubahn (Zell am See – Krimml in Austria.) Two diesel hauled passenger trains met head on between Wenns and Mühlbach im Pinzgau at about midday. According to the timetable they should have passed each other at Wenns. The local newspaper headline said there was no technical fault.

One of the engine drivers, and an Austrian tourist were killed, and 35 injured including the other driver who was reported to be in intensive care.

The 2 engines, 3 bogie carriages and a bogie van (for bicycles) were extensively damaged, and were removed from the scene by road. They were dumped in the car park behind a disused sawmill at Högmoos with a security guard to ward off unauthorised visitors.

The railway line was buckled and the train service from Mühlbach to Krimml was replaced by buses from 3rd to 16th July.

On a happier note the railway is running a steam hauled return trip on Thursdays and Sundays using 0-8-0T 699.103 (from the Steyrtalbahn). 0-8-0 tender loco 399.01 is also available after recent service/repair.

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