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Ruston 40DL LM23

Ruston 40DL LM23

1946 Ruston 40DL LM23 stored at Ballydermot, April 2006

CopyrightRichard Bucknall 2006
Taken 2006-04-06


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    Andrew Waldron

    Your photo of LM 23 is in fact at the Ballydermot Workshop, Ballydermot is a seperate system to that of Blackwater the two are not connected by a rail line.LM 23 was the oldest working BNM loco in service with BNM, but it fell out of use in 2006. In 4-2008 it moved to the Derrygreenagh works, it can be found there today in the scrap lines. LM 30 is now the oldest working loco with BNM, although they still own LM 17 at Attymon Peat Co-Op, in Co Galway, which is still used by that concern.

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