Tremar Light Railway History

By sam brown

The Tremar Light Railway company or the TLR & Co began its life in May 2006 with order of locomotive ‘Jessie’, an 0-4-0 MSS/Mamod steam loco in the gauge of 32mm and 16mm scale in kit form. Although orderd just before May it didn’t arrive until the very end of the month, and was completed on the 1st June 2006 but there was a problem. During the 1st steaming the engine squirted water out of the whistle and leaked what seems like gallons from underneath. As a desperate mesure we went to a profesional steam engineer whom helped us come to the verdict that the engine had to go. We sent ‘Jessie’ back to the retailer who then sent her back to the manufacturer, who in turn said she was a definite goner.

A week later the replacment arrived. This one we originally named ‘doniert’ after the Cornish king, although this engine was later renamed ‘Bramble Vale’ – I’m not sure why but it sounds good.

This engine worked incredably well proving that it was well worth the wait. Just before we got ‘Bramble Vale’ I purchased a 1970’s Mamod te1a off of ebay which has now been restord and added to the TLR road locomotive fleet.

Now that I have an engine some rolling stock and some track I intend to build the permenant track in my garden in February so lets see what the future holds for the company.