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Diesel Delights preparation

A busy day at Apedale getting ready for the Diesel Delights event next weekend. We have already taken delivery of three visiting locos from our friends at the West Lancashire Light Railway – a large Motor Rail, a Hunslet and a very charecterful petrol-engined Lister. The Lister is almost returning home, as it worked at Springfield Tileries, which was not too far from us. A key attribute of the Diesel event will be the chance to allow some of our small internal-combustion locos to work passenger trains, and this is being accomplished by means of a portable air-brake system. This is carried around the driver’s neck. We took the opportunity today to test the system and it worked pretty much as expected, which is always encouraging.

Source: Moseley Railway Trust – Latest News

Posted by Peter Bowyer on 30 September 2017

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