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2017 December - Working Party Update


Busy Times

The weekend of December 2/3 was super busy with at least four working parties going on around the railway.

At Pendre, the West Carriage Shed was full of people painting Carriage 22 in the toasty Paintshop. This week will see the final push to get the carriage back in service for the Santa Specials this weekend. An amazing amount of work has gone on recently to get the paintwork completed in time – once again Team Talyllyn rose to the challenge. As can be seen from the photos it’s had a superb job done on it.

In the cold part of the shed, the carriage maintenance working party team were replacing brakes, greasing brake hangers and the various other tasks to keep our continuous brakes working well. Not so glamorous as painting, but equally valuable to keeping our carriages at their best.

The loco shed was also pretty busy as the loco working party gang stripped and cleaned locos No 4 Edward Thomas (in the works) and No 6 Douglas. The aim of this is to get the engines ready for their annual cold boiler exam. Usual tasks include removing boiler plugs and washing the boiler out (gets rid of accumulated scale), cleaning out the chimney and smokebox, wirebrushing the firebox, removing the gauge glasses and several other jobs. It’s also an opportunity to give the motion a really good clean. The boiler inspector has already been – happily he passed both locos so the next working party will concentrate on putting them back together!

Up the line, the hedge laying mission on Doldheuwydd Bank continued. Not such a nice weekend weather-wise as last time, however the brave hedge layers were consoled with plenty of cake and tea. The view from the bank is looking so much better now.

Wharf cutting has had a lot of attention. Next time you travel through it on the train you’ll be amazed at how much lighter it is. Our top tree surgeons have been on a mission to cut back a lot of the overhanging trees, it’s made a massive difference.

Thanks as always to all the volunteers who appear in Tywyn in the middle of winter to undertake all these jobs. 

Photos by Sarah Freeman, Keith Hayes and Karen Willans


Carriage 22 - painting running boards
Carriage 22 - Nearly there! Transfers on and varnished
Carriage working party gang at work
Old carriage brake block and new brake block
No 4 Edward Thomas - smokebox and pony truck being cleaned
No 6 Douglas - tube cleaning and motion polishing
Hedge layers working on the next bit to be layed
South side hedge laying for a change
Hedge laying progress by Sunday
Wharf Cutting (looking from School Bridge towards Wharf) post tree cutting work

Source: Latest News

Posted by Peter Bowyer on 7 December 2017

115 mph

It’s been a busy couple of days at Apedale. The main task has been preparing for the Great Man to visit over the next few weekends – no photos of that, as we don’t want to spoil the surprise for our visitors. Elsewhere on site, we were priveliged to host a working visit from a mainline railway organisation on Friday – both us and them got a lot from it, with their people able to get hands-on with track maintenance away from the many (and very necessary) safety requirements of the mainline railway system. They gained experience and aching muscles, and our mainline track is probably now in the best shape it’s been since it was first laid (“fit for 115mph” said someone). In the workshops, something of a milestone was passed with the last of the radiator tubes for Motor Rail 1320 being assembled, a mere 44,000 radiator fins later. “Stanhope” was steamed on Saturday; this loco will work all the Santa Special trains. This will be last time Stanhope will work for a while, as it is due a major overhaul which will see it out of traffic for most of 2018. We’ll miss this loco very much, as it’s undoubtedly the railway flagship and the firm favourite of the crews. We are haveily booked for the Santas, but we may be abale to accomodate a few wanting a last ride behind the centenarian – next Sarturday 9th December is currently lightest on bookings. The headboards we use are fairly inoffensive, so if photography is your interest, it shouldn’t cause too much upset!

Source: Moseley Railway Trust – Latest News

Posted by Peter Bowyer on 3 December 2017

Very Wintry Track Maintenance

A necessary part of owning and operating a railway is the need to carry out maintenance. The track – laughingly referred to as the Permanent Way – is no exception. The Permanent Way is anything but – the passage of trains (always the enemy of the railway cvil enginer) will always cause movement and distortion in the track. In time this manifests itself as a poor ride, and if left uncorrected can lead to derailments. So, we use the winter closed period to correct any problems. The ideal day to do this would be a nice Summer’s day – but life ain’t like that, which led our determined volunteers to brave the snow showers and sort out the various minor defects which a season’s hard usage produces. It’s fair to say that a day on the PW gang obviates the need for an evening in the gym!

Source: Moseley Railway Trust – Latest News

Posted by Peter Bowyer on 26 November 2017

2017 November - Hedge Laying Working Party

Hedge Laying Working Party

Saturday 18 and Sunday 19 November saw the first dedicated hedge laying working party of the winter, continuing the work achieved over the summer and during Outdoor Week.

The focus this weekend was on Doldeheuwydd Bank (between Brynglas and Dolgoch). Around 42 metres of hawthorn and hazel hedge was pruned and pleached, using the traditional method of billhooks, axes and hopefully skill! The carefully selected upright stem has enough wood removed using the billhook to lay it down and weave it around an upright stake, or around already pleached stems. This forms a structure for new growth, plus acts as an anti-sheep barrier (and looks more appropriate than a wire fence). The new hedges will improve shelter for lineside wildlife.

Some of the hedge we layed earlier in the year was strimmed back as part of the regrowth process. Our expert chainsaw operator also trimmed back some of the overhanging trees which will help improve views and keep the trees in good condition.


Already the views across the valley have opened up and improved. More hedgelaying working parties will take place over the winter.


Thanks to everyone who came along – it was an excellent and productive weekend. Billhooks are now on many attendees’ Christmas lists.

Photos by Keith Hayes, Sarah Freeman and Karen Willans



Start of Saturday work
Using a billhook to cut the wood away ready to pleach
Thinning out the existing stems before pleaching begins
Saturday work in progress
The works train passing Tynllwyn campsite en route to the hedge laying site
Sunday morning - ready to go!
Ready to turn the upright stems into a hedge
Hedge laying gang at work
Some of Sunday's hedge laying team taking a break
Work in progress
Previously laid hedge was strimmed as part of the growth cycle
Tidying up the site towards the end of the weekend

Source: Latest News

Posted by Peter Bowyer on 22 November 2017

2017 November - Talyllyn Railway - Autumn Outdoor Week


Autumn Outdoor Week 

Fact – It was an excellent week, new faces, increased numbers, good weather and we achieved a lot – all welcome statistics. 51(32) people gave 228 (200) people days to the maintenance of our railway, in return the weather was kind and apart from the early part of the Tuesday morning and the odd show the rain confining itself to the hours of darkness. (Last years figures in brackets above) Please also note the above figures do not include the statistics for the “Tree Week” and the “S&T Week” that followed on from Outdoor Week.

A special thank you must go to the Vale of Rheidol railway who provided an additional impact wrench.

So a very big thank you to everyone who helped make the week a success -gang members, Pendre staff, butty runners, catering staff and evening entertainers. Your railway appreciates your help.

What did we do apart from working as a team?

In no particular order:

1) widened and deepened the drainage hole in the weighbridge pit

2) applied sealant to the lead flashing and coping slates of the Weighbridge House

3) cut back greenery behind the Weighbridge House

4) removed ivy etc from road side at Ty Mawr bridge

5) removed greenery from the old loading dock at Pendre leaving tree stump exposed for Martin & the digger

6) removed greenery from the roadside of south of the level crossing at Pendre "

7) set out curve for track at Wharf from Llechfan hedge west end to new turnout installed in June

8) clear a lot of mud and other material contaminating the ballast in the area of the lever frame at Wharf

9) stacked a few garden grade sleepers for onward purchase

10) exposed the tops of some of the sleeper ends in Wharf yard in preparation for gauge maintenance work

11) dismantling the 17 lengths ready for the resleepering

12) dismantling the turnout at Quarry Siding

13) identified 4 rails required for completing the Quarry Siding west turnout from the stock on Ty Mawr

14) resleepered 17 lengths past milepost 4 ½

15) put the platform benches under cover along the railway

16) removed another 2 tons of stone from Cynfal stream

17) prepared the resleepering site by milepost 4 ½ and the Quarry Siding turnout with the mini digger

18) clearing the accumulations of leaves between Quarry Siding and just east of milepost 4 ¼ – a boring but very important task. Accumulated leaves make line inspections very difficult and retain large quantities of moisture.

19) dealing with a minor landslip at Dolgoch on the last day of train operations. The cause of landslip was the usual problem of the wet ground opposite the station at Dolgoch creeping down the hill. We need to dig out the field drain again which will reduce the risk of further slippage for a few more years

20) clearing drains at Brynglas, Dolgoch, Abergynolwyn and on the extension

21) 85 yards of hedge laying east of milepost 4

22) leaf removal from the Dolgoch Station approach path

23) vegetation clearance from around the turnout stack east of Ty Mawr bridge

24) tidy up in the Guest House at Quarry Siding

25) removing two loads of sticky material from the turnout job at Quarry Siding to the milepost 4 ½ area for embankment strengthening

26) moving logs and some tree felling

27) the turnout job at Quarry Siding progressed steadily during the week:

28) removed the build up of oil and grease in the loco road

29) cleaned off the wagon decks at the end of the week

30) getting all the tools together at the beginning of the week

31) putting all the tools away at the end of the week

32) loading a skip at Wharf with scrap

33) drinking tea

34) started to remove the concrete base of the signal column east of Pendre. This formed part of the former Pendre signalling scheme.

35) grading all the displaced sleepers

36) design work associated with maintaining the various bridges at Brynglas

37) plus all the jobs I have missed.

38) spring (winter) clean of the guards room

39) tidying up around the publicity hut at Wharf

40) tidying behind the toilet block at Wharf

41) replanting the tubs and window boxes at Wharf

Thank you very much again to everyone for their time, effort and comradeship.

Keith Theobald (article and photos)

Sorting out the mini landslip at Dolgoch
Preparing the site at milepost 4 1/2 as No 1 Talyllyn and train goes by
Re-sleepering at 4 1/4 - mini digger flattening ballast down
The Gang drilling spike holes
Spikes going in - Team effort!
The relaid track at milepost 4 1/2
Work at Quarry Siding - replacing the turnout
Work at Quarry Siding - new ballast down
Quarry Siding - new sleepers down
Quarry Siding - new rails going in place
Hedge laying progress during Outdoor Week

Source: Latest News

Posted by Peter Bowyer on 22 November 2017

Motor Rail 1320 and a Bomb Wagon

We’ve not see Motor Rail 1320 for a little whil on this page – this is the First World War loco which was “improved” post war by having a new diesel engine fitted to it with all the engineering subtletly of a bull in a china shop.With the help of a PRISM grant, the loco is undergoing a full restoration to “as at quarry” condition, to make an interesting comparision to the “Tin Turtle” MR1369 which is in “as built” condition, more or less. Good progress has been made, and today saw the loco make a rare out of doors appearance. The bodywork framing has been fitted, which is always a joyous experience for all concerned. The key tasks remaining are to complete the radiator re-build, make and fit the body panels, and – biggest of all – re-fit the engine. The engine is currently away with a specialist contractor. Opportunity was also taken to photograph another restoration project coming along very nicely – a rebuild of a Hudson-built RAF Bomb wagon from the Fauld depot. This one was formerly part of the passenger train at Cadeby, many years ago.

Source: Moseley Railway Trust – Latest News

Posted by Peter Bowyer on 19 November 2017

2017 October - Talyllyn Hallowe'en Scarefest

Our annual Steam’n’Scream trains ran between 26 and 29 October


After a Hallowe’en Feast in King’s Cafe, our passengers took a ride to Dolgoch Haunted Woods with plenty of scary surprises along the way. 

As usual, all the costumes looked amazing!

Many thanks to everyone who made Wharf look super spooky.

Photos by Darren Turner.

No 6 Douglas and the Hallowe'en train at Wharf
Your loco crew for the night!
Hallowe'en feast in progress in King's Cafe, Wharf
Some of our passengers in their fantastically scary outfits
Witches and werewolves!
Bert the skeleton back at Brynglas - ready to scare the loco crews!

Source: Latest News

Posted by Peter Bowyer on 4 November 2017

Press Release Time!

Source: Moseley Railway Trust – Latest News

Posted by Peter Bowyer on 3 November 2017

Lyme Lottery

A big thank you to everyone who has supported us this year. A new way of supporting the Trust is by buying tickets for the Lyme Lottery – this is run by our local authority, and is a new scheme to support charities in Newcastle-under-Lyme. Better odds than the National Lottery, and much more of the money goes to good causes. If you win big, please send us a postcard…..’t-miss-the-first-draw%20-%20digital.pdf

Source: Moseley Railway Trust – Latest News

Posted by Peter Bowyer on 29 October 2017

Talyllyn Railway's Open Carriages Appeal


Open Carriages Appeal

After being in service of 50 or so years, our four open carriages now need replacing. The expected cost for each carriage is £50,000 – our target is to raise £200,000 altogether. The work will include new bodies and refurbishing the chassis for a more comfortable ride. We’ll also make the carriages wheelchair accessible so even more people can enjoy riding in them. 

Please visit the Open Carriages Appeal Page to find out more and how to donate. 

Open Carriages Appeal
Our Open Carriages are popular with all our passengers

Source: Latest News

Posted by Peter Bowyer on 23 October 2017

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